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Benitoite Specimens and Benitoite Jewelry

Benitoite Jewelry and Benitoite Specimens

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Tuolumne Sunshine Mine Pictures 2008

North Face Tunnel 2010 Photographs

2010 & 2011 Mine Photographs

Clarks Gulch Photographs........... 

2012 Mine Pictures

Ice Box Mine pictures 2013

2014 Ice Box Mine Fire Pictures

2015 Prospecting Pictures

 Gold in Quartz Jewelry, Native Gold in Quartz Specimens, 

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Tuolumne Sunshine Mine is part of the original native gold in quartz mining site of the Jolly Travelers Mine (1883) 
and the Little Queen Mine (1883) in the Columbia Mining
District of the California Mother Lode ....................................
Native Gold in Quartz
pendants017.jpg Gold in Quartz
Native Gold Specimen


Tuolumne Sunshine.
Native Gold bursting through white quartz.
Gold in quartz

Native Gold Specimens from historic Columbia 

mining district of Tuolumne County,  California.

Native Gold in Quartz slab
may23webpics001.jpg Gold in Quartz slab
Native Gold in Quartz slab


We have;
Native Gold in Quartz specimens, Gold Nuggets, Native Gold in quartz Jewelry,
 Benitoite Jewelry, Benitoite Specimens, Neptunite, Juaquinite,
California Fire Agate Jewelry, Silver Ore slabs & specimens,  
Yolo Rock Chronicles: Episodes 1,2,3 & 4
Fine California Adventures .........
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Gold in Quartz
pendants031.jpg  Gold in Quartz
Native Gold in Quartz Pendant

Native Gold in Quartz Specimens, Tuolumne Sunshine
Some of the gold in quartz slabs have been sanded on a flat lap to  14000 grit to improve the photo quality  for these wonderful  gemstones.

Native Gold Specimen
gold45to53026.jpg  Gold Specimen
Native Gold Specimen

Native Gold Specimen
dec2010001.jpg  Gold in Quartz
Native Gold in Quartz

Native Gold in Quartz Specimens

Native Gold information ,
Tuolumne Sunshine Mine.; Is part of the original Gold Rush Era Mining claims, the Jolly Travelers Mine (1883) and the Little Queen Mine (1883), the Sadie Mine was added to the site in 1897
Native Gold in quartz veins were first mined by open trenches dug on the north face of this mountain.
 The American 49ers started placer mining in the 1851, finding gold nuggets. Hydraulic mining  was started with the completion of the Whisky Ditch Canal which brough water from the Columbia Canal on Yankee Hill to the Whisky Ditch Mine on the east slope of this mountain. The Hope Mine was discovered in 1879 on the west bank of the gulch by Nathan Arnold, but the hard rock mining tunnels on the east side of the gulch were first started in 1883. Many mine tunnels were blasted open on the mountain where the numerous parallel quartz veins intersect layers of slate. The natural gold pockets occur in  random and unpredictable deposits along the contact zone. The area is  extremely uplifted and heavily faulted, the original vein is displaced several feet to the north in many locations  Lady Luck is our best tool.

Gold panning
2010northfacetunnel082.jpg  Gold panning
Gold panning

Yankee Hill Waterfall

Tuolumne Sunshine Mine, started June 1, 2008, a fine adventure exploring a massive ghost town complex of twelve abandoned mines on a steep rock mountain  in the California gold country, I have not yet explored all the mine tunnels  and there are many that are still hidden in the brush, waiting to be reopened. This was a working mine complex from 1883 until it was shut down by the government in 1942 but never reopened. until now  and the adventure continues...   At this time I am doing exploratory prospecting and enjoying the search.  In 2011 the United States Forest Service approved   my "plan of operation" for the Tuolumne Sunshine Mine, to extend existing tunnels and add to existing tailing piles,  so I am going prospecting. and I am breaking lots of rocks and enjoying the hunt for rare crystallized native gold specimens. To supply this website, some of the gold presently for sale here, was  found in the Fidelity Quartz Mine in prior years on this mountain. This adjacent mine, was working the same mineral formation and is now included in my adventures at the Tuolumne Sunshine Mine.
    I hope Lady Luck smiles on us and keeps us safe from harm, when underground.
                          Have a nice DAY.

Tuolumne Sunshine Mine
mineportal006.jpg  Tuolumne Sunshine Mine
Tuolumne Sunshine Mine

*Before this gold prospecting adventure found me, I was working with other fine stones from California and having fine California adventures.
California Fire Agates from Opal Hill Mine that I have wire wrapped.
Visit my California Fire Agate page to view available stones. 

Fire Agate Pendant
goldfireagate058.jpg  Fire Agate
Fire Agate

Benitoite Specimens and Benitoite Jewelry from old Dallas Benitoite Gem Mine..

Benitoite Pendant
goldfireagatex049.jpg  Benitoite

Benitoite fluorescences under short wave UV light a brilliant blue.

Benitoite Specimen
goldbenitoitex061.jpg  Benitoite
Benitoite Specimen

Neptunite Specimen
benitoitesilver2x042.jpg  Neptunite
Neptunite specimen

Neptunite from the old Benitoite Gem Mine

                        Silver Ore Specimens for sale

Silver in quartz
benitoitesilver20092.jpg  Silver in Quartz
Silver in Quartz

Silver Ore in Quartz from Cobalt Mining District, Ontario, Canada

South Fork of Stanislaus River Canyon
Sunset at Tuolumne Sunshine Mine

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